Recruitment Process

From your application submission to training commencement, you will need to allow for approximately 12 weeks to complete the entire recruitment process.  Applications will be accepted continuously for each of the prison locations.  Therefore your application may be placed in a ‘talent pool’ and held until the prison you have selected as your first preference commences a recruitment process.

Your application will only move from one stage of the recruitment process to another when it has successfully passed or met the benchmark criteria for that stage.

During the recruitment process the Department of Justice’s recruitment partner, HOBAN Recruitment, uses the department’s selection criteria to assess your behaviours, attributes and skills as required for the role.

These include:

  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills
  • Self-management
  • Conflict Management and Problem Solving
  • Influencing and Negotiation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Organisational Awareness
  • Initiative and Accountability
  • Flexibility
  • Self-confidence
  • Empathy and Cultural Awareness

Eligibility – Can I join?

Before you apply, please review the information provided on this website to determine if you are eligible and suitable to apply for the position.

Equitable and Merit Based Process

Prison Officer Recruitment can be a competitive process, therefore please ensure you apply yourself at each of the recruitment stages.  The most competitive applications will be progressed through to each stage in the recruitment process.  If there are more successful candidates than numbers to progress to the next stage in the process, HOBAN Recruitment’s Projects Team will email candidates to advise that their application will be considered for any future process that match your first prison preference.  Should you wish to change your prison preference at any time, please contact HOBAN Recruitment’s Projects Team to adjust your application.

Feedback to Unsuccesful Candidates

The Department of Justice will not provide feedback to applicants who do not progress at any stage of this recruitment process. The department will advise applicants if they have been unsuccessful, but feedback will not be provided regarding their results and the reasons for non-progression.

The department oversees a large volume of applications as part of the recruitment selection process for these positions and it is not feasible to provide specific feedback on invidual candidates’ performance.

The first step to apply for a Prison Officer position is the online application form.